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Patient Access ( Medical Records ) officer

Job Description and Requirements

Job Summary

Responsible for working proactively across all hospital clinical services to ensure all plans  and  arrangements are in place for the patients’ admission, discharge and transfer process in addition to preadmissions' preparations and coordination. It is a customer facing role which understands healthcare, handles in-patient processes and supports the quality initiatives to optimize patient satisfaction and clinical resources utilization. Performs the successful transition of registration and financial processes to meet agreed service levels and to facilitate quality based admission services.

Consistently acts as a primary point of contact for patients and exhibits the core principles of patient- and family-centered care. Performs a variety of duties for patients entering the health care services through outpatient setting or emergency department including greeting patients, demographic registration, financial registration, validation and authorizations, billing and collection practices.

Duties and Responsibilities - Outpatient

  • Greeting patients
    • Making a good first impression by Greeting patients and visitors in a friendly, prompt, and helpful manner and applying openness to patients, addressing the understanding of patient's needs, plan of care and describing the visit journey and possible waiting time
    • Direct all individuals to the appropriate locations of services. Being courteous, polite and helpful to the public and clients at all time
    • Assist patient with general information and directions during registration activities, maintaining the reception area. Assists patients with ambulatory difficulties, including obtaining wheelchairs and providing assistance with walking.
  • Registration process
  • Ensures all insurance, demographic, and eligibility information is obtained from patients and entered into the billing system in an accurate and timely manner and updates necessary information as needed.
  • Performs a variety of registration duties for patients entering the health care services through outpatient or the emergency department by providing patient with the required information, creates or chooses appropriate electronic record, gathers signature (electronic or otherwise), medical authorization/referral coordination and financial responsibility.
  • Verifies availability of requested services and determine financial status of patients and their eligibility for AMC Health services and accurately completing of financial registration process, selecting the proper financial category and appropriately scanning of insurance card or coverage letter into system.
  • Coordinate with patient financial services staff and others to verify patient coverage for treatment and obtains authorization from insurance as needed
  • Facilitate electronic queuing system tasks for scheduled and unscheduled patient appointments.
  • Keeps patient appointments on schedule by notifying provider of patient's arrival; reviewing service delivery compared to schedule and reminding provider of service delays.
  • Ensures the timely and organized scheduling of patient appointments, and tracks no-shows, documents in appropriate system and communicates with supervisors and manager.
  • Cancel and reschedule appointments and procedures, adjust patient scheduling with regard to physician or service time commitments and availability.
  • Obtains revenue by recording and updating financial information, collects co-pays and payments, past due balances, deductibles and other out of pocket amounts at the time of service and issue a receipt to each paying patient.
  • Completes and submits daily deposits and billing statements as applicable.
  • Immediately responds to incoming calls and provides information and assistance to callers.
  • Maintains the assigned department and ensure that all equipment is in working order, that the area is clean and well-maintained and that sufficient supplies are available for the office and clinical operations.
  • Participate in staff meetings and trainings.
  • Respect and maintain privacy and dignity of clients, assure client confidentiality at all times.
  • Demonstrates initiatives in identifying opportunities for self-development and enhancement of professional competency.
  • Supports organizational goals by providing quality customer service, participating in performance improvement effort
  • Adheres to AMC standards as they appear in the Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest policies.
  • Contributes to improving process and procedures to increase productivity, efficiency, revenue integrity or patient experience
  • Scheduling process
  • Billing process
  • Adheres and role models AMC wide values, policies and procedures
  • Preadmission - Inpatient
  • Pre-admits patients by receiving bookings from physicians, confirming admitting privileges of physicians, interviewing patients; entering patient information to pre-admissions database.
  • Assist patients to accurately complete appropriate forms and documents for the required information.
  • Provides patients with information by explaining hospital admission policies, time of admission, room selection, room rates, billing procedures, restrictions, and other applicable procedures as appropriate and answering patient inquiries.
  • Liaises with the patient financial services team to prepare cost estimates for treatment and deposits requirements.
  • Informs the patient, discusses the price and the required deposit, down payment amounts collections.
  • Identify financial risks pro-actively and communicate these to the patient as per protocol.
  • Secures payments by screening insurance information, identifying patients requiring pre-admission approvals from third-party payers, verifying pre-authorization and approvals with patient financial services team and notifying finance department of self-paying admissions.
  • Collects patient financial responsibility and issues a receipt to each paying patient with collaboration with main cashier office.
  • Maintain daily lists for pre-admissions and coordinates admission schedules for scheduled elective patients.
  • Handles and manages the continuous flow of information between doctor’s rooms, patient, OR team and other service providers.
  • Maintain administrative records into the system and report statistics when required.
  • Admission
  • Receives admission information from Pre-admission, physicians, emergency room and patients boarded for elective surgery.
  • Greets and receives patients to be admitted by conducting personal interviews, entering demographic and insurance information, confirming pre-admission information, obtaining signatures on legal consents and insurance forms, receiving payment and issuing receipts and distributing patient information literature.
  • Ensures receipt of all necessary documentation form referring department or institution.
  • Verifies patient identify by checking identification; preparing and placing identification bands.
  • Maintains filing of all patients seeking admission to facility according to agreed admission plan and bed availability and facility procedures.
  • Communicate with patients, their families and the referring party to verify admission plans, dealing with their concerns in a compassionate and effective manner.
  • Assures patients are admitted with appropriate and necessary referrals, authorizations and pre-certifications.
  • Assist with collection of private funds and co-pay if not collected during pre-admission.
  • Ensures patient's arrival to hospital room or testing area by assigning patient beds, notifying nursing unit of patient's arrival, calling aid persons to transport the patient to the assigned area.
  • Provides information to the public by answering admitting procedure, hospital regulation and service inquiries of patients and referring parties.
  • Serves and protects the hospital community by adhering to professional standards, hospital policies and procedures, state, and local requirements.
  • Coordinates rooms’ allocation designation with nursing department.
  • Assists in developing admission policy and procedures to ensure that all relevant documents and records are obtained.
  • Receives discharges, transfers and other changes notifications via hospital computer system.
  • Maintains operational reports in order to keep an updated patient censuses and maintains a log for any patient expirations.
  • Discharge & Transfer
  • Facilitates safe discharge by coordinating all appropriate procedures in partnership with doctors, nurses, and outside agencies, ensuring that all plans are in place for the time of discharge.
  • Discusses (in preparation for discharge) plans with the patient and their family ensuring that the patient and family have good understanding.
  • Makes sure that discharge procedures checklist activated proactively prior to discharge.
  • Liaises on with UCR and discharge planning teams to facilitate discharge for patients with identified continuing care and complex needs.
  • Acts as a link to facilitate patients’ discharge/referrals in co-ordination with other teams providing financial clearance to nursing, case management teams and finance department.
  • Directs cash/co-payment patients to appropriate cashier department to clear invoices
  • Adheres and role models AMC wide value, polies and procedures
  • Acts as a resource, advisor and role model to other colleagues in relation to the admission and discharge processes.
  • Maintains patient privacy and confidentiality during all steps of patient flow.
  • Adheres to AMC standards as they appear in the Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest policies.

Education:Associate Degree / business administration, health administration or related discipline

Experience:Two years in healthcare setting.


  • English language competency
  • Arabic fluency
  • Communication Skills
  • Adaptability
  • Problem-Solving Skills